about us

The Winosfera project was born of passion. It was initiated as a broad idea of ​​promoting wine history and culture. It is particularly close to the owner of the company. The passion for this noble drink develops thanks to numerous trips to various wine regions. He enthusiastically infected a team of collaborators who, like him, want to share their passion with others. Our crew is waiting for you in several cities in Poland. Each such meeting may become an impulse for a trip to the unknown corners of the wine globe.

The climate of these corners was in turn well reflected in every offered collection of our wines. These are wines from both European and New World countries. Each bottle contains the secret of a given region. So we have a refined wine, with a rich structure and a full finish, as well as easy drinking wines, which can become an irreplaceable companion of everyday meals.

However, Winosfera is not only the world of wine. According to the project, the idea of ​​spreading culture in its various aspects is also being developed. "Where Wine Meets Culture" - this slogan contains the whole idea of ​​the undertaking. And so in Warsaw at Chłodna Street we can not only taste excellent wine, but also stop for a screening in the studio cinema or see the exhibition in the gallery. It is because of this go that both enthusiasts and connoisseurs of art become our regular visitors.