cinema czary
About cinema Czary


In the building where Winosfera operates today, in the early twentieth century, the cinema "Czara" was created. The cinema functioned without interruption until the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising on August 1, 1944. An interesting place, captured on the frames of old photographs, mentioned by Leopold Tyrmand in "The Bad", remembering the joy of the interwar period, and then the fear of war and life in the ghetto. Forgotten during the communist period and in the years of the new Poland, it was reconstructed in 2012, constituting the contribution of Winosphere in the revitalization of this corner of ul. Cool.
The cinema space is another remarkable room of Chłodna 31, giving the opportunity to use it for various events, not necessarily related to cinema, press conferences, trainings, lectures. This is a place where you can organize a private screening of the film from family celebrations, interesting escapades, important events that you would like to share with friends, in the company of good wine and food.